Cutting Fetish

Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2021

Cutting fetish, or cutting kink, is a term for a sexual interest in cutting to draw blood. People with a cutting fetish may fantasize about cutting themselves and/or sexual partners, or they may act these fantasies out.

People with a cutting fetish may use a range of instruments, including knives and razor blades. As those with a cutting fetish most often wish to draw blood, a cutting fetish is often related to a blood fetish. However, cutting fetish isn't the same as cutting; the goal is not self harm but sexual gratification. Cutting can also be considered a from of sadism or edgeplay, one that is used in BDSM play and scenes.

Cutting fetish is also known as piquerism.

More About Cutting Fetish

Because cutting fetish involves sharp objects, caution is required. No one should cut another person without clear consent, and in fact most people with a cutting fetish prefer to become sexually involved with others who share the fetish. Some people with a cutting fetish say that acting on the fetish makes them feel closer to their sexual partners and increases their sexual pleasure.

A cutting fetish has the potential to be very dangerous, as it is easy for someone who doesn’t have an intimate knowledge of the human body to cut a major vein or artery and cause serious harm. If this occurs, even consensual cutting can be illegal. In general, there are safer areas of the body to perform cutting, and areas that should be avoided for this reason.

During sexual arousal a person can withstand more pain, so they may also cut or be cut too deeply. Blood can also carry diseases, such as HIV, which can be transmitted during a cutting encounter. To minimize these risks, only people in monogamous relationships who know one another’s sexual health status should engage in cutting. They should also only use clean cutting implements, and apply antibacterial ointments after cuts have been made.

Workshops on cutting may also be found in fetish communities. This can be a good way to gain helpful tips and safety information before getting started.


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