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Cattle Prod

Updated: DECEMBER 6, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers

A cattle prod is a device commonly used to herd and control cattle and other livestock. Cattle prods are also a way for BDSM couples to incorporate erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) into their relationships. Dominants may use cattle prods to control, punish, and pleasure their submissive partners. As with anything that has the potential to hurt your partner, proper safety precautions must be followed.

A cattle prod is a stick or baton with pointed metal electrodes on one end. A high-voltage, low-current electric shock passes through the stick and electrodes to the animal or submissive. The agriculture industry began using cattle prods as early as 1917. Texas cattle tycoon Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. invented the first electric version in approximately 1930.

A cattle prod is a good way to vary e-stim points, including the thighs and buttocks. The dominant partner chooses the contact points they prefer. However, it is vital that those who use a cattle prod do so safely and keep their partner's limits in mind. Cattle prods deliver more intense e-stim than commercial e-stim sex toys, tasers, and violet wands. The lower the voltage, the less intense the charge. It’s a good idea to start with a low voltage cattle prod or an e-stim toy, then work your way up to more intense stimulation if you and your partner enjoy it.

Using a cattle prod in a BDSM relationship is a good way to reinforce the relationship’s power dynamics. A cattle prod gives the dominant power over their submissive. Submissives feel vulnerable when they're controlled by a cattle prod. They may feel like an animal, less than human, due to the choice of electrical device. These feelings can add to the submissive’s compliant mindset.

Many submissive people also enjoy the physical stimulation of electrical currents. Some submissives may experience orgasms through erotic electrostimulation with a cattle prod. Being stimulated with a cattle prod or delivering this stimulation may become a fetish for some people.

A cattle prod is sometimes called a hot stick or stock prod.

More About Cattle Prod

Marks often show where the cattle prod’s electrodes make contact with the skin. These marks are totally normal and will scar and peel off naturally. They can be a great source of pride for the Dominant and submissive though, encouraging them to think about their play session after it ends.

When used incorrectly, a cattle prod may leave more than this minor skin damage though. While the shock from a cattle prod is not enough to kill a human, it can cause significant damage. The size of the cattle prod also impacts the power it yields. Long 6+ cell cattle prods of 20 or more inches can produce enough power to trigger muscular contractions forceful enough to tear muscles. Shorter 3 or 4 cell type prods, measuring around 12 inches, are much safer for humans. Dominants should use the cattle prod on themselves first, so they understand the impact of the stimulation and how it feels.

E-stim using a cattle prod can be very hot and sexy as long as you keep safety in mind. Cattle prods transmit electrical currents to the submissive’s body. Currents can potentially stop the heart, so it’s much better to keep contact far away from this sensitive organ.

Experts recommend only applying a cattle prod below the waist, especially if you’re new to erotic e-stim. You should also avoid playing with anyone who has a heart condition, such as arrhythmia. Dominants should also consider learning cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, especially if they enjoy experimenting with large currents. If you want to enjoy erotic electrostimulation above the waist, consider an electric toy such as an electroplay wand or zapper. These fetish toys deliver a much milder electrical current, so you can often use them more safely on the breasts, stomach and torso. Check the directions for the toys you’re interested in to make sure they’re recommended for the kind of play you want to enjoy.

It’s also best to restrain a submissive before using a cattle prod. Bondage lets the dominant control the experience, so they can use the cattle prod safely. Without the restraints, a submissive may move suddenly after prodding and hurt themselves. They may also move and cause the dominant to apply the prod with more pressure or in a different location than they intended.

When an electrical current passes into the body, it contracts the muscles. The stronger the current, the greater the contraction. Some muscle pain following an erotic e-stim is normal, especially for people who’ve never played with electricity before. Give a submissive time for their muscles to recover before playing again.

Couples should also agree on limits during erotic e-stim and keep within these limits. Establishing a safe word and action can help a submissive communicate that they have passed their limit and want the play sessions to stop or slow down. Playing with a clear head, free of narcotics and alcohol, can make couples more present and help them play safely.


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