Cat's Paw Knot

Updated: MAY 7, 2018

A cat’s paw knot is a common knot used in fishing. It has also become a popular knot for rope bondage because it can be tied fast and looks good.

As it is a single column knot, the cat’s paw knot is also sometimes called a cat’s paw single column knot. When it’s used for foot bondage, it is sometimes called the pussy foot.

More About Cat's Paw Knot

To tie a cat’s paw knot, make an M shape in the middle of a length of rope. Twist the top parts of the M towards one another three times, so you have two loops with twisted strings forming a Y shape. One loop should be threaded onto the fingers of your left hand and the other on the fingers of your right. Touch your fingers together and move both loops onto one hand. Stretch the loop, pulling the bight away from the cuff, so that it fits over the wrist, ankle, or whatever else you want to tie.

Do not try tightening this knot by pushing the twisted section up from the bottom. This will deform the cat’s paw knot and destroy the friction the twists have which hold the knot in place. Instead, tighten the knot by holding the top of the cuff tightly and racheting the twisted portions up. The knot is sufficiently tight when you can fit just two fingers underneath it.

The cat’s paw knot can be tied quickly, so it’s a good choice for dominants who want to quickly assert their authority.

Proper application is crucial for this knot. When it is tied well, it won’t move. However, if it’s not, the cat’s paw knot will collapse.

A cat’s paw knot is also prone to collapsing if the person tied up struggles too much. This makes it a good choice for tying submissives who want to enjoy the feeling of being tied up, rather than those who actually need physical restraint.

While the cat’s paw knot is not as restrictive as many knots, dominants should still use them with caution and monitor their submissives for safe play.


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