Updated: JULY 2, 2018

A cataphilist is a submissive man who is dominated by a woman, typically for sexual gratification.

The term comes from the Latinized Greek prefix cata, meaning down or downwards, and philia, the Greek word meaning affection or love. In recent years, philia has come to be used to describe attractions outside society’s norms.

More About Cataphilist

Cataphilists may seek sexual domination outside their relationships from sex workers or other women. However, most are dominated by their intimate partners. Cataphilists are often married to women who enjoy dominating their partners, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Cataphilists and their intimate partners often feel the dominance and submission dynamic in their relationship brings them closer and makes their sex lives more exciting and intense. Cataphilists may also feel safe being dominated by a loving partner. Evidence suggests that submitted, as cataphilists do, releases feel-good endorphins.

Cataphilists may enjoy role-playing scenarios where they take on submissive characters or using props to emphasize their submissive role, like collars, female lingerie, or diapers. They may enjoy being tied up, whipped, or insulted by their dominant female partners.

As with all philias, submission may become a fetish for cataphilists. This is not necessarily a problem if they are in loving relationships with women happy to dominate and the fetish does not negatively impact their personal or professional life. However, if cataphilia becomes a problem, therapy may be necessary to restore the balance.


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