Updated: NOVEMBER 16, 2018

Candlesticking is a colloquial euphemism for masturbating. This term refers to penetrative masturbation by a person with a vagina using a sex toy, as many sex toys resemble the shape of a candlestick.

This term should not be confused with the slang term for the sex act of orgasming in a person’s mouth, also called candlesticking.

More About Candlesticking

In the past, candlesticking was a taboo topic. It was largely thought women didn’t, or shouldn’t, have sex drives. The idea of candlesticking was unheard of. Women would never admit they did it, if they allowed themselves to indulge in the activity at all. However, today women’s sexuality is celebrated and women’s pleasure and sex toys are discussed more openly. This has made toys for candlesticking more accessible for women. There are also more choices than ever before.

A variety of toys are appropriate for candlesticking, including vibrators and dildos of all kinds. Candlesticking may involve simply stimulating the female genitals with the sex toy or penetration, or a combination of both.

In addition to simple feeling good, candlesticking and other forms of masturbation have several benefits, including a more fulfilling sex life, lower stress levels and a better ability to communicate preferences with a partner.


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