Updated: MAY 9, 2017

A blindfold is a piece of fabric that can be secured around the head and placed over the eyes to block sight. Blindfolds are often used in sex play because when sight is blocked, the remaining senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing can be amplified; some also find the element of surprise involved in being unable to see particularly stimulating.

More About Blindfold

Blindfolds can be used to heighten a partner’s senses during sex play. They are often used in light bondage practices. The removal of vision adds another dimension to sex by forcing one partner to rely on their other senses. In addition, the partner who is wearing the blindfold is submitting to the partner without one, which many people find arousing. In the instance that a male partner may experience orgasm quickly, using a blindfold may inhibit the problem by removing visual stimulation, which many men find particularly exciting. Blindfolded sex play also can result in better, more varied communication because partners are forced to rely on verbal or tactile cues, rather than visual ones.


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