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Updated: JULY 9, 2022
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on April 29, 2022

A ball stretcher, or scrotum stretcher, is a sex toy that is used to stretch and elongate the scrotum. Ball stretchers are meant to wrap around the base of the scrotum and often resemble a cock ring. Ball stretchers may be made from materials like silicone, TPR, metal and even leather, and they vary in size and by how far they stretch the scrotum. Some ball stretchers also act as weights, and some have rings to which ball stretching weight may be attached.

Although ball stretchers are sometimes used during cock-and-ball torture scenes, many people also find the sensation of having their testicles gently stretched and pulled away from the bodies very pleasurable. Regularly using more aggressive types of ball stretchers can also permanently elongate the scrotum, which is a look that some people find attractive.

There are many different types of ball stretchers available depending on the desired sensation and results.

More About Ball Stretcher

Silicone and TPR Ball Stretchers

Beginner ball stretchers tend to be made out of soft, pliable materials like silicone and TPR. Although they can cut off blood circulation, their effects are typically pretty mild and they are considered a safe entry-level toy for people looking to try ball stretching. The stretch they provide comes from their height - taller rings stretch the skin more than shorter ones. These stretchers typically required lube to apply.

The Perfect Fit Bull Bag in 1.5" in black in front of a white background | Kinkly ShopExample of a TPR/silicone blend ball stretcher. Shown: Perfect Fit Bull Bag.

Leather Ball Stretchers

Next up are leather ball stretchers. Like other soft stretchers, they typically don't permanently elongate the scrotum, but they can provide some intense sensations. However, people also pair these with an attachable metal weight to make results more intense and/or more permanent.

Metal Ball Stretchers

As a person becomes more comfortable with this type of play and decides to opt for something more intense, metal ball-stretchers are the next option. These rings are inflexible and also considerably heavier, which makes for a more intense stretch and sensation. Some can be stacked together for added vertical stretch as well as weight.

There are lots of other varieties of metal ball stretchers. Some include screws to tighten them and provide more intensity. Long-term use of heavy metal ball stretchers can permanently elongate the scrotum.

Buying and Using a Ball Stretcher

For those looking to buy a ball stretcher, it is important to measure the circumference of the area just above the balls to ensure it will fit. Many manufacturers give precise instructions for measuring for a ball stretcher. You should follow these carefully as many sex toys cannot be returned once they have been used/opened.

Ball stretching can cause permanent damage, so it's important to increase the amount of time spent using the device gradually and to pay attention to sharp pain and remove the device immediately if it occurs.

If permanent stretching is the goal, it is important to stretch regularly and gradually over time.



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