Ball Sex

Updated: DECEMBER 27, 2023
Reviewed by Mistress Kay
on December 12, 2023

Ball sex refers to the act of inserting the testicles into the anus or vagina. While "traditional" intercourse features the erect penis sliding into the vagina or anus, ball sex swaps out the penis for the testicles, and the balls are slowly (and carefully!) inserted into the orifice of the couples' choice. As the balls are covered in often-neglected, extremely-sensitive nerve endings (just like the vulva!), participating in ball sex can lead to a "ballgasm."

Couples may choose to explore ball sex for a few reasons including:

How to Have "Ball Sex" or Sex With Your Testicles

As you might imagine, achieving ball sex can be difficult, and while the idea is an erotic one for many, the ability to achieve ball sex will depend on the anatomy of both partners. Tighter, higher-hanging testicles may make ball sex impossible. So, considering the shorter length of the testicles (compared to a penis), sex positions designed for deep intercourse will help both partners feel as fulfilled as possible.

Initially inserting the testicles for ball sex is one of the most difficult aspects. Use both hands (with very-recently trimmed fingernails) to help coax each testicle, one-by-one, into the receiving partner. Liberal use of lube and patience from both partners can help make this as painless as possible. Products designed to make the testicles more insertable, like the Balldo and Viballdo, are also an option to help people experience this type of sex.

Once inserted, unlike many forms of intercourse, both partners will be limited to a very small grinding motion. The reduced length of the scrotum (compared to the shaft of the penis) makes it easy for the balls to slip out of their partner, so small, grinding-like motions can help the testicles stay inside of the body. Couples may find that sex furniture or other position aids are vital during their exploration of ball sex as well; it can provide angles that allow bodies to get as close as physically possible.

While used less frequently when referencing oral penetration, if thrusting is the goal, ball sex can also be done orally. Simple licking and sucking of the testicles would not qualify as ball sex for most couples; both testicles would need to be inserted into the mouth and thrusted in and out.

The term "ball sex" may also be written as a single word with no space: ballsex.

More About Ball Sex

While the term "ball sex" has been around for awhile now, it didn't reach peak popularity until the 2021 release of the Balldo, a sex toy specifically crafted to make it easier for couples to achieve ball sex. In 2023, the manufacturer also released a vibrating version that adds 10 modes of vibration.

Balldo testicle dildo wrapped around the testicles of a dildo. The Balldo

Wrapping the Balldo around the testicles adds two important features: a tapered tip and additional length. Not only does this make it easier to slide the testicles into a partner, but it also adds the necessary length to reduce accidental slip-outs during ball sex. This additional length also adds the ability to enjoy longer thrusts, which may be vital for the receiving partner's enjoyment.



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