Updated: JULY 20, 2023
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Autofellatio is a form of masturbation in which a person orally stimulates their own penis. The term means "self fellatio," as "auto" is a Latin prefix that means self. Although there is plenty of lore - both modern and historical - surrounding this form of self-pleasure, it's believed the practice is extremely rare as most people are physically unable to do it.

The act of autofellatio is both an aspiration and an insult. It’s considered the ultimate act of self-pleasure. However, feeling a need or desire to practice autofellatio might suggest someone doesn’t have a partner that’s willing or able to orally satisfy them. There's a link between autofellatio and autocunnilingus, a sex act where someone orally stimulates their vulva and vagina. However, autocunnilungus is believed to be even more difficult to perform than autofellatio.

The History of Autofellatio as a Sex Act

Records of autofellatio go back to ancient Egyptian texts, which suggested that Amun, the god of creation, produced children after autofellatio. In 1948, American sexologist Alfred Kinsey reported on the behavior of autofellatio in "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male." While he noted that "a considerable portion" of males attempt this, he estimated that only two or three out of every thousand could manage it. A niche porn market for stars able to perform this difficult sexual act has been active since the 1981 film "Lips" popularized it. High-profile porn star Ron Jeremy also performed auto-fellatio in several films during the 1980s.

In 2021, the Wikipedia page about autofellatio received more than 435,000 pageviews. A 2012 Buzzfeed article reported on people vying to include their own photos of autofellatio in this page. Wikimedia Commons replaced these images with artistic and historical ones.

Autofellatio and Sexual Orientation

Although it's believed that many people attempt autofellatio, the behavior was historically pathologized. The first published psychiatric case of autofellatio appeared in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 1938. Others followed in the 1940s and 1950s, during which the chief concern appeared to be whether the act was a sign of homosexuality. Many internet queries around autofellatio also center around whether an interest in this activity "makes you gay."

However, David Marky, the founder of the website, noted that “modern research has found no correlation between autofellatio and homosexuality. Today, autofellatio is most often considered a rare sexual behavior that may or may not be related to a person's sexual orientation. It is important to remember that one's sexual identity is complex and personal, and should be respected without judgment. Autofellatio, when detached from stereotypes and misconceptions, is ultimately viewed as a self-stimulatory act that varies greatly in its occurrence among individuals. The ability to engage in autofellatio is not exclusive to any particular sexual orientation.”

What is an autofellatio kink?

A persistent or intense interest in autofellatio is an autofellatio kink. People of any gender may develop this kink. They may satisfy this kink by fellating themselves or attempting autofellatio. People with an autofellatio kink may also enjoy watching their partners or porn stars fellate themselves. While autofellatio is usually one of many sexual activities that people enjoy, people with this kink may practice it exclusively.

Can you spell autofellatio??

One fun fact about autofellatio is that people tend to have trouble spelling it correctly. Some of the common mis-spellings of this term include:

  • Autofallico
  • Autophilasio
  • Autofelatio
  • Autopholatio
  • Autofellico
  • Autofellicio
  • Autofeltio
  • Autofilashio
  • Autoflation
  • Autofeliato

Pronunciation is also a common query. If you're wondering, you can listen to how autofellatio is pronounced here.

More About Autofellatio

Some people who have successfully performed autofellatio report that it isn't as pleasurable as receiving oral sex from another person. Some compare it to tickling yourself, which never feels as intense as getting tickled by someone else. It can also be challenging to take enough of the penis into the mouth to really stimulate this organ.

However, some people who enjoy autofellatio say that being able to feel and react to their own pleasure makes this sex act a uniquely satisfying one. The taboo nature of autofellatio can also enhance the appeal for some people who love sex acts that fall outside the norm.

How to Perform Autofellatio

The internet is full of questions about and instructions on how people with penises can train to perform autofellatio. Although being flexible, having a long penis, and having a compact or slender physique helps, a few enthusiasts say it's possible to train oneself to perform autofellatio.

Practicing stretching for an extended period can help people prepare for autofellatio. Exercise that focuses on stretching, such as yoga or Pilates, can make someone more flexible and help them reach their penis with their mouth. Marky adds that strengthening core muscles - through planks and sit-ups, for example - can improve stability and balance to make autofellatio easier.

After someone feels ready to try autofellatio, they should remove their pants and get their penis erect, either through self-stimulation or the help of a partner. They can then get in a comfortable position for autofellatio. Some autofellatio positions that tend to work best include:

  • Sitting down and leaning forward
  • Bending over from a standing position
  • Lying on the back and raising the legs

Props such as pillows and yoga blocks can support the back and help elevate the legs. Sex furniture may be another avenue to explore. A partner or friend can also help someone get in the right position by slowly and gently pressing down on their legs or back.

Once the person has their mouth aligned with their erect penis, they can lean forward and start fellatio. The technique of autofellatio is the same as regular fellatio, with licking, sucking, and gentle biting helping to turn the fellator on. Someone can perform autofellatio to orgasm or as long as they’re deriving pleasure from the act.

Safety Tips for Autofellatio

Autofellatio is a relatively safe activity for those who can perform it, but there is a small risk of some injuries. Some people can pull muscles, especially in their neck, while they’re performing autofellatio. Limbering up with some stretches and leaning forward, rather than raising the legs over the head, can minimize the risk of pulled muscles.

Marky also adds that there is a small risk of choking or suffocation as the penis may obstruct the airway. Listening to the body and taking care with the depth and angle of penetration can help reduce this risk.

While autofellatio has a lower risk of transmitting infections than fellatio with a partner, someone with a cold sore may transfer the herpes virus to their penis. Waiting for any cold sores to completely heal and disappear may help reduce this risk.


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