Ankle Cuffs

Updated: OCTOBER 14, 2019

Ankle cuffs are a type of bondage cuff design to restrain a person’s ankles or wrists. They are typically used as part of a BDSM scene. They are typically made of leather and padded with soft leather or fake fur for comfort.

Ankle cuffs usually have a locking mechanism, a buckle, or Velcro strips to keep them in place. Ankle cuffs may be attached to each other or another object depending on the play they’re used for.

More About Ankle Cuffs

Ankle cuffs can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used alone to restrain the ankles or with thigh-width straps to create a frogtie. They might also be used in conjunction with other bondage equipment such as leg spreaders. Many ankle cuffs come with a connector for extra versatility. They may also have a D-ring attachment or buckle to allow for easy attachment of a restraining strap.

Newcomers to bondage should experiment with Velcro ankle cuffs. They are easy to attach and remove. More experienced bondage practitioners may prefer to use lockable ankle cuffs. They give greater power to the dominant who keeps the key.

Ankle cuffs are designed with comfort in mind. The padding reduces the risk of nerve damage and other injuries, but they still have the potential of harm. Using them as directed and never leaving the cuffed person alone can minimize the risks. Traditional ankle cuffs are also not designed to carry the weight required for suspension bondage. Specialized cuffs should be purchased for this purpose.


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