Anal Slink

Updated: DECEMBER 22, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on December 18, 2023

An anal slink is a long, flexible sex toy designed for deep anal stimulation. They offer the length of an anal colon snake combined with the tapered tip of a slither dildo. They are typically made from supple materials like soft silicone so they can easily bend within the anal cavity.

How do you use an anal slink?

People insert the anal slink into their rectum, as they would with any anal sex toy. They can insert an anal slink for a short time or hold one inside the anus for long periods. Contracting and releasing the sphincter muscles can also manipulate the anal slink instead the anus.

Why use an anal slink?

People use an anal slink because they’re looking for deep penetration. As they’re very long, these toys can reach much further inside the anus than traditional anal toys can. People may also use an anal slink because the tapered tip allows for easier, more gradual insertion. An anal slink may seem less intimidating than some other anal toys for people new to anal play.

Anal slinks may be used for anal depth training. This training helps submissive partners take objects deeper into their anus. People interested in anal depth training may buy anal slinks in different sizes and gradually progress from taking in the smallest one to the largest.

Why People Love Anal Slinks

Most people love using anal slinks for deep anal exploration. Some people enjoy pushing their bodies to the limit, so the deeper they can go the better. Deep anal penetration also feels more intense than shallower penetration or external anal play, which can be a turn-on for some people. Fans of anal slinks say they get a pleasurable feeling of fullness when using them that they haven’t experienced with other anal sex toys.

“One of the main attractions of anal slinks is the unique pleasure they provide. The gradual increase in size allows for a gentle and gradual stretching sensation, leading to heightened arousal,” adds Sam Kryplone, a certified sexologist and the cofounder of “For many people, anal play can enhance orgasms by stimulating additional nerve endings in the anal region. The use of anal slinks can intensify orgasms, leading to heightened sexual satisfaction and an entirely new level of pleasure.”

Many people also love seeing their partners and others take items like anal slinks inside their anus. Anal slink porn is a growing category of adult content designed for people who get turned on watching people use anal slinks. People who’ve enjoyed anal slink porn may get inspired to try these toys for themselves.

More About Anal Slink

How to Choose an Anal Slink

People new to anal slinks should choose the smallest size first, then work their way up to larger ones if they enjoy them. Otherwise, they may purchase a slink that’s larger than their body can handle.

The rectal lining can absorb chemicals and foreign bodies and transfer them to the bloodstream, so it’s important to choose toys made from high-quality, body-safe materials. Purchasing high-quality anal slinks made from premium materials, like platinum-grade silicon, reduces the risk of illnesses related linked to toxic chemicals. Platinum-grade silicon is also hypoallergenic, so it can be suitable for people with sensitivities to chemicals.

How to Use an Anal Slink

An anal slink is suitable for partnered and solo play. People new to using this toy may prefer to start a session using a toy they’re more comfortable with, such as a butt plug, or a finger to open them up.

Lubricant makes inserting the anal slink easier. A water- or oil-based lubricant works best with silicone anal slings, as it won’t degrade the materials as silicone-based lubricants can. It’s helpful to lube up the anus, the anal slink, the hands of the person inserting the anal slink, and the anal tract using a lube shooter.

Grip the base of the anal slink with one hand, then use the other to guide the tip inside the receiving person’s anus. Pushing the toy against the palm of the guiding hand can help move the toy inside the body from almost an angle. Alternatively, a solo user might attach the anal slink to a tiled wall using a suction cup, then wiggle their anus close to slink until it slides inside them.

Feeling relaxed will make it easier to insert the anal slink into the rectum and push it past the puborectal sling, a loop of muscle that creates a boundary between the rectum and sigmoid. Deep breathing and finding a comfortable play position can help the body relax.

The receiving partner should listen to their own body or communicate with their partner so they understand how the anal slink feels. A little discomfort is normal, but if it is painful the receiving partner may ask to stop play or pause temporarily to get used to the sensations.

Once the receiving partner has hit their limit, a giving partner might slide it in and out of the anus. The receiving partner could also move the slink around using their sphincter muscles or hold it in place.

Anal Slinks and Safe Anal Depth Training

Before playing with an anal slink, it’s safest to empty the bowels or even have an enema. Ensuring the bowels are clean prevents bacteria from the small intestine from getting pushed into the large intestine. Note, however, that anal douching or enemas have been linked to higher rates of STI transmission among men who have sex with men.

As with all anal depth training tools, it’s important to go slowly when using anal slinks. Starting with the smallest size lets the anus adjust to the penetration. Gradually increasing the size only once the submissive feels comfortable can reduce the risk of anal tearing. While some level of discomfort is normal with deep anal penetration, it’s important to listen to the body and any pain that signals it’s time to stop. Note also that taking care with removing an anal slink is just as important as with insertion; go slowly and use extra lube as needed.

Many people enjoy wearing anal slinks for extended periods or using their sphincter muscles to move the anal slink inside them. Attaching a plug base makes these activities safer, as it prevents the largest end of the anal slink from moving too far inside the anus.

Thoroughly cleaning the anal slink with hot water and dish soap before and after use, and when changing partners, can minimize the risk of bacterial growth and infections. Sex toy sanitizers can also keep anal slinks free of bacteria.


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