Updated: OCTOBER 16, 2018

An amorist is a person who is devoted to love. The kind of love that an amorist is wrapped up in tends to be romantic and sexual love, rather than the love typically feel for their parents, friends, hobbies, or objects.

The term was first used in the late 1600s. It comes from the Latin word amor or the French word amour, both meaning love. The term has largely fallen out of favor today, although an erotic magazine called The Amorist launched in the United Kingdom in 2017. It seeks to celebrate the spirit of the original amorists through articles and fiction that connect romance and sex.

More About Amorist

An amorist may be described as a person who is in love with being in love. They may fall in love easily and deeply. While the devotion they feel towards their partners can be endearing, their passion can also hinder their ability to form relationships in the modern world, where romantic partnerships often grow slowly. An amorist may be described as too intense and scare a prospective partner away before anything long-lasting can develop.

An amorist may express their deep emotions through writing about love. An amorist might write romantic poetry, erotic fiction, and other works focused on love and sexual attraction. This may occur if they are in a relationship, which they may use as inspiration, or as an outlet for romantic desires while they are single.


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