Updated: MARCH 29, 2021

Alphamegamia is a term for the arousal people feel when they are fantasizing about or in a sexual relationship with a person of a significantly different age group. What constitutes alphamegamia changes from era to era and depends on various factors such as society, as well as legal and ethical systems.

The term has also come to refer to a marriage involving a young woman and a much older man.

More About Alphamegamia

Alphamegamia carries significant benefits for both parties. Younger people who date older individuals may have access to the enjoyment of a more comfortable lifestyle than they would if they were seeing people their own age, with more limited finances. They may also find older people more interesting, as they have more experience to impart. Older people often find younger people more attractive than those in their own age group. Many people in relationships involving alphamegamia report that they have better sex than they’ve had with people in their own age group because the other person has more stamina, fewer inhibitions, or more experience.

Relationships involving alphamegamia have been documented throughout history and viewed in a variety of ways. While these relationships are viewed as a curiosity or even a perversion in the Western world today, as with the marriage of Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall, in other periods of history and in other cultures these relationships, have been considered the norm.


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