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The Slippery Nipple Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The Slippery Nipple is a sex position that is good for partners that are seeking an easy and relaxed position. To get into this position, the penetrating partner sits upright with one leg off the bed and planted on the floor for support, and the receiving partner lays back with legs wrapped around their partner.

Slippery Nipple Position. The penetrating partner straddles an ottoman. The receiving partner lays down on the length of the ottoman and rests their hips on top of the penetrating partner's lap.

More About The Slippery Nipple Position

This position requires little effort. So, it can be held for longer periods of time. It also offers a great view for the penetrating partner, and a relaxing ride for the receiving partner. This position also leaves the hands of both partners free to explore other areas. Both partners have access to the clitoris for manual stimulation, or the nipples can be stimulated as well.


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