Crab Position

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Definition - What does Crab Position mean?

The crab sex position is a woman-on-top position that is a variation of the Cowgirl position. In this variation of the Cowgirl position, the woman's legs are bent in front of her on either side of her partner, while she leans back. The woman supports her weight by extending both arms behind her. In this postion, the woman is supporting most of her weight. To help her, her partner can bend their knees slightly so that she can rest some of her weight on the knees, rather than supporting herself fully.

Kinkly explains Crab Position

This position should be eased into because there is an increased amount of strain on the penis for male partners. Once in position, the woman uses both her arms and legs to move herself up and down on her partner. She can also grind on her partner by thrusting her hips backwards and forwards. This should be done slowly so that the penetrating partner is not injured. This position specifically targets the female G-spot. The penetrating partner can also hold the woman's ankles to prevent them from sliding forward.

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