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Topping from the Bottom

Updated: FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Topping from the bottom is a BDSM expression that describes the actions and attitudes of some submissives when they try to control the scene even though they are not in charge. Subs top from the bottom by suggesting or resisting commands or through conditional submission.

More About Topping from the Bottom

Topping from the bottom is a controversial term in the BDSM community. Some believe it doesn't exist, while others have issues with how the term is applied. Generally, a sub who negotiates boundaries, disobeys, requests something, or otherwise acts within the generally understood terms of submissive behavior is not necessarily topping from the bottom.

Topping from the bottom is when a submissive tries to control the scene by manipulating the dominant into certain acts or attitudes. This usually happens not because the bottom wants to dominate, but rather because they want to be dominated differently or more intensely. It is often the symptom of a disconnection between the submissive's desires and the dominant's techniques.


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