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Sensory Deprivation

Updated: FEBRUARY 18, 2019

Sensory deprivation is a form of sensation play that is often incorporated into BDSM. It involves depriving a person, usually a submissive, of certain senses, such as sight and hearing. This not only helps make them feel more helpless, but also makes their other senses, like touch, more sensitive to stimuli. This usually results in an intensely erotic experience.

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More About Sensory Deprivation

Blindfolds and earplugs are two of the most common props used during sensory deprivation play. When used, a dominant can tease and torture a submissive's body using various techniques and props. This includes ice, feathers, Wartneberg wheels, floggers, hot wax, and sex toys. Although a person's sense of touch is usually heightened by eliminating the other senses, some sensory deprivation players attempt to eliminate all of their partner's senses, including touch. To achieve this, a person can wear bondage mitts and full-body sensory deprivation suits.


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