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Saint Andrew's Cross

Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

A Saint Andrew's cross is a piece of BDSM furniture made up of a cross set diagonally in the shape of an X. It restrains the subject in a standing spread-eagled position. The St. Andrew's cross was most recently brought to public attention when it was used to by Christian Grey to restrain Anastasia Steele in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

It is also known as an X-cross, diagonal cross, saltire cross or X-frame.


More About Saint Andrew's Cross

The Saint Andrew's cross is actually a Christian symbol, from the cross that Saint Andrew was said to have been martyred on. It is also present on numerous flags and heraldry, including the flags of Scotland and Jamaica.

In a BDSM context, the Saint Andrew's cross is a popular piece of dungeon furniture. The subject is tied at his or her wrists, ankles and sometimes waist, either facing the front or the back. When facing the front, the subject can be teased, while the back-facing position is more often used for impact play like whipping, flogging or spanking.

Some Saint Andrew's Crosses can be spun around a central axle, turning them into "bondage wheels". This piece of furniture is easy and inexpensive to make, making it one of the most popular types of BDSM furniture for dungeons of all kinds.

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