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Queening Chair

Updated: APRIL 22, 2019

A queening chair is a low chair or seat that can be placed over a person's face to allow for oral stimulation of the vagina or anus. The seats of these chairs are usually U-shaped, and are designed for a woman to perch with her legs on either side of the U and her buttocks on the back of the U. These chairs are usually built with comfort in mind, and the seat of a queening chair is usually padded and there is a support just under the chair for the person on the bottom to rest their head on.

More About Queening Chair

Queening chairs are used during acts of queening, a sexual practice that involves a dominant female sitting over a submissive partner's face. This practice is common in femdom relationships, and can be used by a woman to assert her dominance or humiliate her submissive. It can also, however, be used purely for sexual satisfaction and vanilla couples shouldn't dismiss them. Using a queening chair is often a more comfortable way to give and receive oral sex. Also, when a woman sits on a queening chair, she is better able to relax her pelvic muscles, which can expose more delicate and sensitive areas of the labia.


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