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Definition - What does Superskin mean?

Popularized by the iconic Fleshlight, Superskin is a very popular material used to manufacture sex toys. It is known for its highly realistic feel that can easily simulate both the look and sensation of human skin. Superskin is very easy to clean and comes with appealing properties such as heat retention. Unlike other sex toy materials, Superskin is only compatible with water based lubricants only. Superskin products can be used to make anal, vaginal, and oral Fleshlights as well as a plethora of other sex toys.

Kinkly explains Superskin

Superskin is latex free. This is ideal for people with allergies. It is also extremely soft, smooth, and non-allergenic. This material is relatively easy to clean and only requires a wipe down with warm water and soap or a specialized soaking sex toy cleaner. To maintain the skin-like sensation, users can also use some Renewing Powder on their toys. This also prevents dust from sticking to the material. Since it automatically absorbs external temperature, Superskin can be used with ice cubes for varied sensations.

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