Last Updated: February 15, 2016

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Definition - What does Poly-Melt mean?

Poly-melt is a material used in the manufacturing of sex toys. It is said to have a tight molecular structure rendering it nonporous, smooth, and antibacterial. Claims are also made about its ability to "repel" bacteria and dirt. Poly-melt can stand up well to friction which makes these toys fairly durable.

Kinkly explains Poly-Melt

Poly-melt is not a widely used material despite it being described as not only completely non-toxic and body safe but completely nonporous. It can be sanitized by boiling it and it is capable of repelling new dirt. As the sex toy industry is unregulated, companies are able to make any claims they wish about their materials (such as the ability to repel dirt), one theorize that Poly-Melt has not proven to live up to its claims.

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