Service Provider (SP)

Last Updated: February 23, 2021

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Definition - What does Service Provider (SP) mean?

Service Provider is another term for prostitute in the sex industry. The services offered by a service provider vary, but are always sexual in nature.

Service Provider is often known by the acronym SP, particularly in adult advertising and the field reports of sex industry clients. The term Adult Service Provider, which can be shortened to ASP, is an alternative to Service Provider.

Kinkly explains Service Provider (SP)

Service providers may offer sensual massages, blow jobs, or full service which incorporates these sexual services with penetrative sex. As services vary, clients should always ask whether SPs are willing to perform their preferred sex acts. Clients may enlist the services of one or multiple service providers at a time.

The term service provider is preferred by some sex workers and their clients, as it does not carry the negative connotations of some of its synonyms, including prostitute or whore. It also makes clear that sex will not necessarily be provided, as this only occurs with full service service providers.

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