Role Reversal

Last Updated: January 2, 2018

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Definition - What does Role Reversal mean?

From a sexual standpoint, role reversal refers to a female penetrating a male partner using a strap-on dildo and harness. Although role reversal may only refer to the female partner giving rather than receiving penetration, it may also refer to a female partner taking a more active and dominant role in sex. Of course, this makes the assumption that women tend to be submissive sexual participants in general, which is a common but inaccurate assumption.

Kinkly explains Role Reversal

The market offers an extended variety of toys used for role reversal. These are usually designed to enhance the comfort and pleasure of both partners. For example, women can wear a "strapless" strap-on to anally penetrate the man. This entails inserting a dildo into the vagina and using the outer end of the toy to penetrate the man. Alternatively, couples can also invest in a strap-on dildo where the female attaches a harness around her lower body. Some male anal toys are uniquely curved to easily reach and stimulate the prostrate.

There are a multitude of positions that individuals can adopt during role reversal sex with the most popular one being "doggy-style" sex. Other positions include, but are not limited to, sideways or woman-on-top.

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