Scrotal Infusion

Last Updated: August 10, 2020

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Definition - What does Scrotal Infusion mean?

Scrotal infusion is a sexual and body modification practice. It involves injecting fluid into the scrotum to temporarily increase its size to abnormal levels. Infusion allows the fluid to seep into the scrotal tissues slowly, with little discomfort or pressure. It is considered a medical procedure, and it comes with risks. Complications include subcutaneous emphysema, scrotal cellulitis, and Foumier's gangreneor air embolism.

Kinkly explains Scrotal Infusion

If a man chooses to engage in scrotal infusion, it is important to minimize risks as much as possible. The materials used, such as IV tubes, needles, and saline bags, should be new and sanitary. The venue should immaculately clean and sterile. The scrotum should be washed thoroughly before the infusion. Once done, the insertion point should be sealed from further exposure. Bathing or swimming should not be done for at least 8 hours after infusion to prevent exposure to water-borne bacteria.

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