Florentine Flogging

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

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Definition - What does Florentine Flogging mean?

Florentine flogging is a flogging technique that uses two identical floggers in both hands. The flogger starts by striking the submissive on one side - let's call it the right side - in one fluid motion from the shoulder to the left. Roughly halfway through the first strike, the flogger then raises his or her left hand and begins a flogging stroke from the left shoulder to the right hip. Ultimately, the floggers arms will be moving together in a figure eight pattern. As the right arm is following through with the first strike, the left arm will be starting the second strike, creating an X pattern on the floggee's back. When viewed from a distance, the flogger will look as though he is rhythmically creating a figure eight on the floggee's back as he gains momentum and speed.

Kinkly explains Florentine Flogging

Florentine flogging is often considered to be a more advanced flogging technique. Only seasoned floggers should attempt this on willing partners, and only after they have practiced on a more inert subject, such as a pillow. Even after mastering such a technique, experienced floggers should also warm up with light teasing strokes to the back before building up to the more intense and fast-paced style of Florentine flogging.

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