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Intensive Slave Training

Definition - What does Intensive Slave Training mean?

Intensive slave training is a training regime that some submissive people in the BDSM lifestyle may decide to undertake. Intensive slave training is usually practiced for an extended period of time. It can be as little as a few days or as much as a few weeks. Over this time period, submissives learn to become better at their role and better at pleasing their dominant partner.

Kinkly explains Intensive Slave Training

Submissives generally travel to a remote facility for their intensive slave training. Once there, they must stick to a strict training regime under difficult conditions which resemble those in prisons or military training camps. A large number of dominants and submissives generally attend intensive slave training sessions.

During intensive slave training, submissives may be bound, stripped naked, spanked with a hand or whip, humiliated, and punished. They will also practice performing fellatio and learn to accept pain and be trained to receive anal sex. Through these challenging tasks of erotic servitude, the submissives learn to be better slaves for their current or future masters.

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