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Butterfly Gag

Updated: JUNE 12, 2017

A butterfly gag is a type of gag sometimes used in sexual bondage practices found primarily in BDSM. It gets its name from its design which, when inflated, resembles the wings of a butterfly.

Butterfly gags are worn by submissive partners. The central part fits behind their teeth, while the wings sit between their teeth and lips.

A rubber bulb typically inflates a butterfly gag. The dominant partner inserts the butterfly gag. Then they inflate it so that the central part of the butterfly gag perfectly fills the submissive partner’s mouth.


More About Butterfly Gag

As the butterfly gag can be inflated to suit the wearer, this type of gag is one of the most effective at silencing submissive partners. It may be used alone or paired with an open-mouth trainer or gag.

Couples who use gags tend to find their use adds erotic pleasure to their sexual interactions. Many submissive partners find butterfly gags make them feel more vulnerable in a BDSM scene. Dominant partners find it makes them feel more in control. Butterfly gags can also be used as an erotic humiliation device. They are also fetishized by some people.

A butterfly gag is very difficult to keep in the mouth if it is under-inflated. Sometimes an O-ring in front of the gag is strapped to the back of the head to keep this type of gag in place.

As with all gags, using a butterfly gag carries a risk of asphyxia. For this reason, it’s important to never over-inflate the butterfly gag. It’s also not advisable to use a gag on someone with a cold or allergies since these conditions inhibit the ability to breathe through the nose while the gag impairs the ability to breathe through the mouth. A gagged person may also be unable to breathe if they vomit or choke. A person wearing a butterfly gag should never be left alone. Butterfly gags are recommended only for people who have used gags before. They should not be used by people who are prone to choking.


As a person wearing a butterfly gag is unable to utter a safe word, couples using these gags may prefer to use a safe sound pattern or action instead.

Couples should also follow any labels, warnings, and directions that come with their butterfly gag to minimize the risk of injury.

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