Definition - What does Pervertable mean?

Pervertables are common household objects which can be used as sex toys. Office supplies, kitchen gadgets, home improvement tools, exercise equipment, and foods and beverages all have the potential to become pervertables. They are called pervertables because they have been corrupted or "perverted" for a sexual use that differs from their designed usage.

Kinkly explains Pervertable

With a little creativity, almost anything can become a pervertable. Wooden spoons, hair brushes, rulers, and metal spatulas make excellent paddles. Ordinary rope, cable ties, and chains can be used for bondage. Baby oil, cooking oil, ice cubes, and feathers can bring a unique sensory experience to sensual play. Household furniture and exercise equipment can also become sex furniture. The items used for food play can also be considered pervertibles as their ordinary culinary use has been perverted.

Pervertables are a great way to expand your sex toy collection and spice up your bedroom activities without spending a lot of money. As they are more discreet than commercial sex toys, they can be a good alternative for couples living with flatmates, parents, or children.

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