Japanese Clover Clamp

Definition - What does Japanese Clover Clamp mean?

A Japanese clover clamp is a variation of nipple clamp that has a distinct shape. It is known for its ability to increase tension on the nipple by pulling on the attached chain. This type of nipple clamp is also referred to as a butterfly clamp. The clamps are often used by individuals engaging in BDSM play or nipple torture.

Kinkly explains Japanese Clover Clamp

A Japanese clover clamp is a flat clamp that is typically about 2" x 4" in size. The spring tension holds the clamp on the nipple. The tension can be increased by attaching weights to the clamps or by pulling on the chain that connects the two clamps together. The clamp is generally only utilized by advanced users because it provides an extreme amount of pain to the nipples. The clamp can also be used as a travel restraint device in some scenarios. If the chain is tied to an immovable object or surface, the wearer is unable to move without the infliction of a serious amount of pain to the nipples.

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