Isolation Hood

Last Updated: October 14, 2019

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Definition - What does Isolation Hood mean?

An isolation hood is a bondage hood made from heavy leather which blocks out all the sights and sounds of the outside world. This kind of hood is meant to isolate the wearer from the world around them by keeping them in darkness and blocking out external noises.

Sets of adjustable laces help make most isolation hoods fit snugly around a range of head sizes. Some other hoods feature inflatable bladders at the back, which, when inflated, ensure the hood is pulled tight.

Kinkly explains Isolation Hood

Many people enjoy wearing isolation hoods because it can feel exciting to be cocooned in a dark, quiet place. For the dominant partner who uses a hood on their submissive, isolation hoods allow them to control what their partner sees and hears, and also what they can communicate.

Most isolation hoods can be fitted with attachable blindfolds, to minimize the sights of the outside world. Other hoods may be used in conjunction with an outer hood that lacks eye holes.

While isolation hoods aim to block out the noises of the external world, this is not always possible. They may be used in conjunction with earplugs to improve their effectiveness. Some isolation hoods are fitted with pockets for headphones so that dominants can play audio for their submissive partners. These recordings may consist of white noise, music, or spoken word audio. The recordings serve to block out the noises of the external world, inhibit sleep, or to verbally humiliate the captive person.

Most isolation hoods also feature gags which increase feelings of helplessness and loss of control for the wearer. These types of hoods should be used with caution and by experienced BDSM practitioners, as all gags pose risk of asphyxiation.

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