Hog Slapper

Last Updated: August 28, 2017

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Definition - What does Hog Slapper mean?

A hog slapper is a BDSM sex toy that resembles a crop whip. It is made up of a flat wide tip, a long stem, and a handle. It is commonly made from leather, and comes with a metal plated handle. A hog slapper can be used as is, such as in soft BDSM sex play. It can also be used with other BDSM gear, such as whipping posts and cuffs.

Kinkly explains Hog Slapper

A hog slapper is often used to slap a person's behind. The impact stings and may leave marks. The pain is not as harsh as paddles and other whipping toys made from heavier materials. However, it still causes varying degrees of discomfort. A safe word and agreed limitations are still requisite when using a hog slapper.

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