Berkley Horse

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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Definition - What does Berkley Horse mean?

A Berkley Horse is a piece of sex furniture that was designed to support individuals during flogging. The device allows an individual to lie, often bound, face down on the rack while being flogged. The rack has strategically placed holes so that the genitals can be accessed from under the device.

Kinkly explains Berkley Horse

A Berkley Horse allows an individual to get the best experience of pleasure and pain at the same time. Since the design allows the genitals to be accessed while being flogged, the individual on the horse can be stimulated orally or manually during the flogging. The device can be used in groups of three with one person flogging while the other is stimulating the bound individual on the rack, or it can used by a couple where the individual can pleasure him or herself during the flogging if desired.

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