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Your Kink Is OK (YKIOK)

Updated: JUNE 28, 2021

Your Kink Is OK (YKIOK) is derived from the popular internet parlance “Your Kink Is Not My Kink, But That's OK.” This phrase is commonly shortened to YKINMKBTOK. Your Kink Is OK communicates openness and acceptance to sexual practices that one does not engage in. It is a sex-positive stance that acknowledges that while different people enjoy different things, many of the things we do not enjoy may be enjoyed by others and vice versa.


More About Your Kink Is OK (YKIOK)

There are variations to the root of Your Kink Is Ok. Here, “Your Kink Is Not My Kink” may be followed up by “and that's disgusting,” “and that's abuse,” and “and that's unsafe.” These statements should be taken in context, considering their subject and intention. In general, these negative variations may discourage a healthy attitude toward sex as well as encourage discrimination and "othering" of those whose sexual tastes fall outside what is considered the "norm."

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