Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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Definition - What does Acucullophilia mean?

Acucullophilia is a fetish for people who are circumcised or for other aspects of circumcision. A person who has this sexual preference is known as an acucullophiliac.

Acucullophiliacs are most commonly heterosexual and bisexual females, as well as homosexual and bisexual males, who are attracted to circumcised males. Less commonly, acucullophiliacs may be attracted to women who have undergone female circumcision, particularly those who have had their clitoral hoods removed.

Kinkly explains Acucullophilia

A person with acucullophilia is likely to pursue a partner who has been circumcised, both for relationships and sexual encounters.

Acucullophiliacs are most commonly turned on by circumcised penises because they prefer the more streamlined look of the shaft and head. Acucullophiliacs insist that fellatio feels and tastes better when performed on a circumcised man, and some say friction is increased during sexual intercourse. There is also a perception that circumcised penises are cleaner and less likely to harbor bacteria and diseases.

While acucullophilia is not a very common fetish, more than 54% of women say that they prefer a circumcised penis. Despite the relative rarity of the fetish, acucullophiliacs can come together and communicate through online forums.

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