Lotus Sex Position

Last Updated: January 2, 2018

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Definition - What does Lotus Sex Position mean?

The lotus sex position is a popular woman-on-top sex position from the Kama Sutra. This position requires the male partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus position, cross legged or with legs extended, as shown here. After the male partner gets into position, the female partner then straddles her partner's lap and wraps her legs around his waist as he enters her, wrapping her arms around his torso for support.

The lotus position is also known as the lotus blossom.

Lotus Sex Position

Kinkly explains Lotus Sex Position

The lotus position can be an excellent position for couples who want more intimacy during intercourse. It allows couples to easily hug, kiss, and caress each other. Although thrusting is not very feasible in this position, the female partner can rock back and forth to grind on her partner to enable a sensual orgasm.

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