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The Ascent to Desire Position

Definition - What does The Ascent to Desire Position mean?

Ascent to desire is a somewhat advanced sex position that requires strength and balance. To get into this position, the man should stand with his feet shoulder-width apart, and the woman should stand facing him. Once she wraps her arms around his neck, he then holds her up as she wraps her legs around his waist.

Kinkly explains The Ascent to Desire Position

Some couples may find it difficult to get into this position while standing. An easier option would be to start in a sitting position, with the man on the edge of a bed or chair and the woman straddling him, similar to the cowgirl position. The man can then stand up as he holds onto his partner's thighs or butt. To make this position even easier, the woman can help by planting her feet on a bed or table, which will help support some of her weight.
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