The Facing Spoon Position

Definition - What does The Facing Spoon Position mean?

The facing spoon sex position is a sex position in which couples lie on their sides and face each other. The woman then spreads her legs slightly and the man enters her. Once his penis is inside her vagina, she can then put her legs back together, putting her clitoris in a position to be stimulated by the shaft of his penis.

This position may also be called the sidewinder.

Kinkly explains The Facing Spoon Position

Having sex in this position can be much more intimate than traditional intercourse. It's much easier for a couple to kiss, hug and caress. However, it can be somewhat tricky for a man to thrust in and out of a woman's vagina in this position, so couples may need to get a little creative. For instance, instead of traditional thrusting, couples can try grinding together or moving their pelvises in circular motions to enhance the pleasure.

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