The G-Whiz Position

Definition - What does The G-Whiz Position mean?

The G-whiz is a variation of the missionary position, and an excellent way to stimulate a woman's G-spot. This position starts out just like the missionary position, with the woman lying on her back and the man kneeling between her thighs. Before entering her, however, the woman raises her legs and rests her calves on his shoulders.

The G-whiz is also called The Anvil.

Kinkly explains The G-Whiz Position

One of the reasons this position can rock a woman's world is because it allows the penis to massage the G-spot, a small yet highly sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina. Because hard thrusting against the spot can be more uncomfortable than pleasurable, men should thrust gently at first by simply rocking. To give the woman more control in this position, she can place her feet on the front of the man's shoulders, which can help her adjust the speed and depth of his thrusts.

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