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Updated: APRIL 13, 2017

To flog a person is to hit or strike a person’s bottom or back repeatedly with a flogger (a leather or rope instrument that looks similar to a cat-o-nine tails), while they hold onto or are tied to a wall or bed. This is generally considered to be a bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism (BSDM) activity, although it can be done by anyone possessing a flogger.

Flogging someone does not have to be something that causes them pain in any way and it isn’t always an extreme sexual activity.

More About Flog

For beginners, it's best to think of flogging as a different form of spanking. If you decide to try flogging, start slowly and gently by tickling or hitting your partner, then let them decide how much force should be used. More advanced and experienced floggers may use harder materials, such as chains, to flog. This is not recommended for unpracticed floggers, as the materials can be painful and leave marks. Whether experienced or not, you should consider coming up with a safe word so that the flogger knows when to stop if needed.


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