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Arabian Goggles

Updated: MARCH 6, 2017

Arabian goggles is a term that is used to refer to a sexual position in which a man sits or squats over his partner's face, places his testicles in his partner's eye sockets and his anus on his partner's forehead. In most cases, this position appears to be more of a prank perpetrated on an unconsenting victim than a sex position, although it is mentioned in both contexts.

The position gained fame when it was mentioned in the 2011 movie "The Change-Up," which starred Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.


More About Arabian Goggles

Giving someone Arabian goggles, like tea bagging, is often done as a prank, usually to party-goers who are the first to pass out. However, if perpetrated on an unconsenting victim, it may be considered sexual assault.

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