The Ballerina Shower Position

Updated: JUNE 26, 2021

The Ballerina is a standing sex position done in the shower. To get into this position, partners should begin facing each other. The receiving partner lifts a leg and wraps it around the thigh, back or butt of the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner can help support their partner by holding their partner's leg that is wrapped around them.

Ballerina Shower Sex Position. Couple is standing face to face, receiving partner has one leg up around her partner, penetrating partner is holding a massaging wand.Couple pictured here using the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman.


The Ballerina shower sex position is also an easy position to include sex toys into. For example, in the graphic below, the penetrating partner is using the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman to massage the receiving partner's hip and sacral area to help release sexual tension and deepen arousal. As this position takes place in the shower, it is important to ensure the sex toy you are using is 100% waterproof.

More About The Ballerina Shower Position

The Ballerina position allows for the receiving partner to have some control over the thrusting depth. This position is great for shower sex as it is performable in tight quarters. However, as with any shower sex position, partners need to take care to insure neither partner slips or falls. Using a non-slip shower or bath mat can help provide extra footing for both partners. If the shower has a bench or tub edge, the receiving partner can place the foot of their wrapped leg onto the bench or edge to help increase stability.

This position also allows for access to both partners' butts, thus making it easy to include some extra anal stimulation, if the couple wishes. It also allows access to the receiving partner's clitoris for either partner to stimulate, either by hand or with toys.

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