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The Champagne Room Position

Updated: JULY 12, 2021

The Champagne Room Position is a seated, rear-entry sex position.

Champagne Room Sex Position. Penetrating partner is seated with receiving partner on his lap. Receiving partner his holding a sex toy to pleasure themselves.

To get into this sex position, the partner doing the penetrating sits down on the edge of a chair, couch, or bed, and the receiving partner gently backs up into them. The champagne room position can be used for anal or vaginal sex.


The Champagne Room Position leaves both partners' hands-free, making it an easy position to add sex toys. Adding sex toys to this position allows for additional clitoral and penile stimulation during intercourse.

More About The Champagne Room Position

If the receiving partner's feet can touch the ground, they can control the depth, angle, and rate of penetration. If their feet do not touch the ground, the penetrating partner can use their hands to move their partner or use the furniture they are sitting on as leverage to thrust.

In addition, the Champagne Room position leaves both partner's hands open for exploration or to include toys, as shown in the above picture. Either partner can use toys here to stimulate the receiving partner's clitoris, nipples, or penis. The top partner can reach down and stimulate the base of the penis, scrotum, or perineum using their hands or a sex toy.

For a more challenging variation, try the Swiss ball blitz position!

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