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Definition - What does Self-Gratification mean?

Self-gratification is the act of pleasing oneself. Self-gratification satisfies someone’s own needs, wants, or impulses.

The term is often used as a synonym for masturbation. When used this way, Self-gratification refers to satisfying one’s own sexual needs. Self-stimulation and self-sex are also synonyms for self-gratification in a sexual context.

Kinkly explains Self-Gratification

Self-gratification occurs when people stimulate their own bodies. People usually stimulate their genitals, but may also stimulate other erogenous zones. They may gratify themselves with their hands, sex toys, or other aids such as shower heads. Many people have sexual fantasies while they gratify themselves. Watching porn during self-gratification is also common. Self-gratification usually leads to orgasm, but this isn’t always the case.

Self-gratification can be a great way to explore your body and get in touch with what you like. It can also help you satisfy your sexual needs in a safe way.

Self-gratification also carries several health benefits. It can improve immunity, boost mood, improve heart health, and lengthen your lifespan. Men who gratify themselves regularly may have a lower risk of prostate cancer and less chance of erectile dysfunction.

Despite the benefits, some people feeling ashamed about self-gratification. Religious and cultural beliefs can make self-gratification seem dirty or wrong. Overcoming these deep-rooted beliefs can be difficult. However, most health experts agree that self-gratification is normal and positive.

As with most things that feel good, self-gratification can also become problematic. Preferring self-gratification to sex with a partner can strain a relationship. People who prioritize self-gratification may also struggle in other aspects of their personal and professional lives. Therapy can help people overindulging in self-gratification regain balance in their lives.

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