Anal Stretching

Definition - What does Anal Stretching mean?

Anal stretching is a sexual activity that involves stretching the anus using fingers or fists, butt plugs, dildos, or other tools.

Anal stretching may be undertaken as part of slave training or for isolated sexual pleasure. It can be undertaken alone or with a trusted partner. Anal stretching makes various anal activities, like anal sex and anal fisting, easier.

Kinkly explains Anal Stretching

You should always defecate before attempting anal stretching, to rid the body of feces. Cleaning the anal passage with a douche or enema is also advised.

Start slowly, with a finger or a smooth, small, and sanitized butt plug. Use a toy with a diameter no larger than 4.5 inches at first, with a flared base to give you something to hold onto. The anus isn’t self-lubricating, so you should lube your butt plug to make the process easier. A water lubricant is typically the best choice, as it won’t degrade your toys. Water lubricant can dry more quickly than man-made ones, so reapply as frequently as needed.

Make sure you relax before inserting the butt plug. Insert it until it feels uncomfortable, then remove it before inserting it again. You should find you can get a little deeper and handle the butt plug in for longer each time. When you feel comfortable taking the entire butt plug, you can try a larger toy.

Anal stretching can feel slightly uncomfortable, yet intensely pleasurable. It should not be painful, although the sensations can take some getting used to. If the anus bleeds, you should stop your anal stretching session and go more slowly next time.

The anus will take three to six hours to return to normal after an anal stretching session. Rest your body for two to three days before trying anal stretching again.

While some people insist anal stretching is totally safe, scientific evidence suggests that severe anal stretching can damage the sphincter muscles.

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