Casket Sex Position

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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Definition - What does Casket Sex Position mean?

The Casket Sex Position is an advanced and intimate sexual position that puts two partners face to face. It’s performed with the giver on one knee penetrating the receiving partner vaginally, while the receiver supports themselves with their hands and their legs over their partner's shoulders.

This difficult sex position provides deep penetration that stimulates the female G-spot, just above the cervix, and the A-spot, behind the clitoris.

casket sex position

Kinkly explains Casket Sex Position

To get into the casket sex position, the receiving partner should sit on the floor or bed, with their hands palm down and shoulder-width apart on either side of them. Their partner then gets down on one knee, facing towards the receiver. The giver lifts the receiver's lower body, elevating them so the receiver can rest their legs on the giver's shoulders. The leg the giver is kneeling on should be in between the receiver's legs.

The giver can penetrate the receiver from this position and touch their breasts and other parts of her body. The giver should hold onto the receiver's knees to support the receiver while they move together.

This position is very intimate, as couples must face one another. It’s also ideal for people who enjoy deep penetration. As an added bonus, the casket sex position provides an effective triceps workout for the receiver. Couples will need some stamina to keep it up though, as it places pressure on the the receiver's triceps and wrists, and the giver's knee.

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