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Face Off Sex Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on January 14, 2021

The Face Off sex position is an oral sex position that sees one partner sitting and the other partner standing, bent over, with their head between their legs. From these positions, the couple can perform oral sex on another at the same time.

The Face Off sex position is a variation of the standard 69 position.

Face Off oral sex position - the receiving partner stands, bent over and facing away from the giving partner, who is seated


More About Face Off Sex Position

To perform the Face Off, one partner sits down on the floor or a bed with legs out straight in front. The other partner stands with their back to the seated partner, so the standing partner's backside is near their partner's face and their feet on either side of their legs. This position may work great if one partner is disabled and one partner is non-disabled.

The standing partner bends at the waist and puts their mouth on their partner's genitals to perform oral sex. While bent over, the sitting person can access their partner's genitals with their mouth and perform oral sex. We recognize that for individuals with hypermobility and other disabilities that impact standing, this position may not be comfortable or possible to achieve, and that is okay.

If they are able to stand, the standing partner might put their hands down too to steady themselves or have their partner hold their back or legs to help them stay in position. It is important to have a discussion with each other about the impacts on the body before beginning this.

The standing partner's legs can become fatigued in the Face Off position if they keep them straight. This is also an issue for disabled people who can stand. If possible, bending the knees a little is more comfortable.


More About Face Off Sex Position

Some people may also not have the physical ability to bend over far enough to reach their partner’s genitals. That’s okay! You can adapt the position and stand with your feet behind your partner’s back to reduce the bending required. Alternatively, they could use their hands rather than their mouth to give pleasure.

Performing the standard 69 while laying down is easier and is another option for simultaneous oral sex. This could be a much more accessible option for people who cannot stand up, bend, or who don’t have good trunk control such as people with Cerebral Palsy.

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