Piledriver Position

Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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Definition - What does Piledriver Position mean?

The piledriver position is an advanced sexual position. It involves the penetrating partner standing and the receiving partner lying on their neck. The piledriver position can be used for heterosexual and homosexual sex, and for vaginal or anal penetration.

The piledriver position is also known as the jackhammer.

the piledriver sex position

Kinkly explains Piledriver Position

To get in the piledriver position, the receiver lies on their neck, with hips up in the air and legs extended horizontally past the head or up in the air. The giver then stands with legs on either side of their partner. They bend their legs slightly to penetrate their partner either vaginally or anally.

The giving partner may hold their partner’s legs for stability. They may also caress the lower half of their partner’s body during sex in this position. It can be difficult to get the penis or strap-on in the right position to achieve penetration. Some givers push their penis down to make penetration easier in this position.

The partner doing the penetrating should be careful thrusting in this position, as the angle makes penises vulnerable to fractures. They can reduce the angle and make sex more comfortable by leaning forward.

The receiver can feel a sense of exhilaration in the piledriver position, not just through good sex, but also because the position causes blood to rush to their head. This can create dizziness and a sense of euphoria.

However, if too much blood rushes to the head to the receiver, they may pass out. Both people should be conscious of this and change positions before passing out occurs.

The piledriver position requires a good sense of balance. Without this, one or both people involved may lose their position. The penetrating partner can steady their partner to maintain the position. The receiver also needs to be reasonably flexible to get in position and maintain it.

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