Brute Position

Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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Definition - What does Brute Position mean?

The brute position is a man-on-top or penis-haver-on-top sexual position that has the woman or vulva-owner lying down and the giver penetrating them vaginally by squatting down while the giver faces away from the receiver. It’s theorized that this position is called the brute position because it isn’t very intimate. Instead it has a kind of brutish, almost caveman appeal.
brute sex position

Kinkly explains Brute Position

To get in the brute position, the vulva-owner lies on their back, usually on a bed, then raises their knees to their chest. The penis-haver stands with their back to their, with their legs straddling the receiver partner's hips. The giver then squats down to penetrate their partner, almost sitting on their partner’s thighs.

The giver thrusts by squatting up and down or gently grinding down on their partner. At the same time, the receiving partner will gently push their partner up with their thighs. The giver will usually hold the receiver's legs just below the knees for stability.

The brute position allows the giver to be dominant over the receiver. As this position doesn’t involve face-to-face contact, it is not very intimate. This can be appealing for some couples. It is also a good position for partners with larger-than-average penises, as it doesn’t allow for deep penetration.

The giver should take great care with the brute position to avoid injury. The giver needs to push their penis down a long way to successfully penetrate their partner, which will put pressure on the giver's suspensory ligaments. The giver should pay attention to their body and not push it beyond its limits to avoid injury. The giver should also go slowly, at least for the first few strokes. If they lean forward, they may find the position a little more comfortable.

For the receiver, the brute position is very easy. They doesn’t have to do much, although they should make sure their partner doesn’t press on their thighs too hard while thrusting. They may also like to stimulate their breasts since their hands are free. While they will struggle to access their clitoris or genital area, their partner may be able to reach around and stimulate it for them to increase the receiver's pleasure.

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