Virtual Sex

Last Updated: June 10, 2019

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Definition - What does Virtual Sex mean?

Virtual sex is any sexual activity where two or more people gather through some form of communications equipment to transmit sexually explicit messages to each other with the intention of arousal, sexual acts, and/or orgasm. Virtual sex occurs via a multitude of mediums including webcams, text messages, email, instant messages, and chat rooms. Phone sex may even qualify as virtual sex.

Kinkly explains Virtual Sex

The terms cybersex and virtual sex are often used interchangeably. If you want to get technical, cybersex is a type of virtual sex; virtual sex is a broader term used to refer to many kinds of sex that occur via some form of communication equipment. The Internet and the addition of cybersex, however, have made virtual interaction much more common. New technology, such as sex toys that can be controlled remotely, are also increasingly adding new dimensions to virtual sexual interactions.

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