Last Updated: February 25, 2019

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Definition - What does SexTech mean?

SexTech is a term describing any technological advances designed to improve human sexual experiences and understanding. It is a broad term, encompassing tech advancements that improve sexual pleasure, sexual health, sexual education, and much more.

SexTech is a portmanteau of the words sex and technology.

Kinkly explains SexTech

SexTech innovations should let us experience, understand, and express our sexuality in new and exciting ways. We may discover new ways to meet partners, new kinds of partners, and new ways to connect sexually through advances in SexTech.

Hopefully these developments will help people with partners improve their relationships and single people feel less lonely. Ideally SexTech will also make us feel more enlightened about sex and enjoy better sexual experiences. Since so many women are involved in SexTech, it’s hoped SexTech could provide more female-friendly alternatives to traditional sexual enhances like pornography, which has often been criticized by women.

However, some people are concerned that SexTech could negatively impact our lives. As with traditional pornography, people could become addicted to SexTech. People also worry that some SexTech, like sex robots, could be potentially harmful by reinforcing male dominance and reducing our ability to empathize with others. As with all technology, there may also be risks surrounding the collection and security of personal information.

Hackathons designed to develop new SexTech are run all over the world. These days look to bring together people interesting in SexTech to share ideas and create new SexTech products. Many of these events are designed for women, who are traditionally underrepresented in the field of technology.

SexTech is still in its infancy, but it’s starting to gain mainstream acceptance due to the activism and education of SexTech companies, especially those led by women like MysteryVibe and MLNP.

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